ONE DAY Haute Couture

ONE DAY is a store with tranquil and unique design located at the foothills in Taichung. It is a brand designing for customers who adore uniqueness and customized products. There are also many formal and fashionable dress in the physical stores for customers to choose. The dress style combined innovative design concepts with exquisite smooth lines, which makes it different from the combination of traditional wedding dress with fashionable dress. This kind of formal dress doesn’t make people feel that they are far from it anymore. In addition, the designer has blended Italian 3D cutting skills that she learnt in Milan as well as other details into design concepts. The model of dress is absolutely brand-new and you will never find other people wear the same outfit. Our brand was established on 31/5/2018, and we officially registered as ‘Chu-Shui Cultural and Creative Company’ in 2019. We hope to gather all design talents having their unaccomplished dreams to work in our company, tell us what designs they want to develop and make their own unique outfits or dress.

Brand Info.

Product Category

R-T-W Womenswear
Custom Made Womenswear

Brand Style


Year of Establishment


REP. Designer

Naomi Chou

Participate Year

2020(SS21), 2021, 2022(AW22)

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