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The inspiration for John Zucca's FW collection Street Brocco came from the recurring geometric elements of the Baroque, both in the conception of complex structures and in their details, the shape of the "volute" widely used in the plastic arts of the sixteenth century, conquered space a century later and evolved into curls, curls and spirals endlessly. From the Latin volvo, i.e. "to turn", and "to roll up", the volute derives from the Greek motif of the Ionic capital, revived in the fifteenth century, both as an order on the intermediate floor in multistory buildings, and on its own, to characterize sober and elegant structures. John Zucca took the "volvo" idea and combined the modern street and architectural style. Combining contemporary, classic, and classical culture as the main axis. neutral Contour lines, non-gender and non-labelled clothing styles. none Timeliness, severely damage the value of sustainable environmental protection. innovative fabrics and Italian craft cut.

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R-T-W Menswear & Womenswear

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John Zucca Cheng

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