BOB Jian

Bob Jian made his debut in a reality show Super Designer in 2011 and subsequently stepped into the fashion industry. In 2016, he won Best Pattern Award in Taipei TOP Fashion Design Award, and the honor of the golden award in the subsequent year. In 2018, he was invited to customize the outfit of the ceremany for Taipei Mayor Ko Wen Je. The brand BOB Jian was then established as a custom design clothing brand, specialized at making custom made outfits, designing glamorous concert costumes and public event formal wear for many renowned celebrities. Jian is a trusted designer in the entertainment industry circle. 

Brand Info.

Product Category

Custom Made Menswear
Custom Made Womenswear

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REP. Designer

Bob Jian

Participate Year

2018, 2020(AW20), 2021(AW21),2022(SS23), 2023(AW23)

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