WANGLILING, the brand was established in 2016 and specializes in new materials to recreate the old Chinese arts with new western modern elements to describe the love attraction between human bodies and dresses. It showcases a balanced ancient unique Chinese beauty with new chic spirits. The brand is featured by its finesse of arranging lights and shadows beautifully to create different lighting effects. Li-Ling Wang developed a vivid interest in futuristic materials which influenced her current style. Li-Ling is determined to embark on a modern era of eastern culture and design revolution. Known for the amusing construction of functional fabric, that blur the lines between east classic and modern chic. Her bold innovative design, and fearless completeness of vision that have drawn attention in the international fashion industry.

Brand Info.

Product Category

R-T-W Menswear & Womenswear
Custom Made Menswear
Custom Made Womenswear

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Year of Establishment


REP. Designer

Wang Li-Ling

Participate Year

2018,2019,2021(SS22), 2022, 2023(SS24)

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