In 2014, influenced by Zen philosophy and the tranquil beauty of Eastern styles, SILZENCE embarked on a trend setting direction for clothing design, emphasizing humility, authenticity and Zen culture. Created by Chen Jun-Liang, simple yet detailed designs are carefully threaded through each needle and every button, reinvigorating beauty and style. By combining a modern approach with Oriental concepts SILZENCE men’s clothing line contrasts openly with traditional male suits and attire, showing the industry a courageous vision and direction, brimming with a cultural self-confidence. His designs bring a renewed focus and attention to men’s apparel. As globalization unleashes wave after wave of change, a deeply ingrained cultural self-awareness and understanding is essential to advancing the next trends in fashion. The time is now!

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Custom Made Menswear
Custom Made Womenswear

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REP. Designer


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2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023(SS24)

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