Founded in 2014, WooLeeX excels at integrating paintings with fashion. Artists of WooLeeX combine different cultures from around the world with Taiwanese traditional art, displaying them in the form of garments. 
As for celebrities’ clothing design, our design can be seen on singers and artists who perform at tours, awards, as well as music videos and film festivals, etc.. Menswear Designer of WooLeeX, Jerry Hsieh is dedicated to becoming a trail-blazer in the fashion industry. He mixes his vision with Taiwanese traditional cultures such as embroidery, braided tassels, as well as dragon and lion dance. Jerry Hsieh is willing to experiment with different kinds of styles. He continues to explore the infinite possibilities of fashion. Womenswear Designer of WooLeeX, Cynthia Hsieh, graduated from the London College of Fashion. Her own brand, Ming Jo Hsieh, has been showcased on 19SS Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week.

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R-T-W Menswear
R-T-W Menswear & Womenswear
Custom Made Menswear
Custom Made Womenswear

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REP. Designer

Jerry Hsieh, Cynthia Hsieh

Participate Year

2018,2021(SS22), 2022, 2023

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