YIBO is a Taiwan-based independent designer label established by two men in their mid 30s. In Mandarin, YIBO means "passing on," imparting". To our brand, we would like to deliver a message, not just to women in Taiwan (Asia) but also those all around the world, especially from men's point of view, that any women and girls should not be limited and restrained by the society. Be brave and open-minded to embrace any visions and possibilities ahead of them. We design clothes not to show off women's sexiness, sweetness, and sultriness, which are the qualities fundamentally associated with women. We design clothes in a way that invite women themselves to assert their voice, to change, to imagine, and to embrace possibilities that potentially define women not just because of their gender and social expectations, but rather those defined by themselves. Our clothes are for women who are willing to put on different styles. They could be strong, low-profile, elegant, and sometimes even gender neutral. Clothing is not just a way to express who you are at the moment. More importantly, it is a strong medium to show whether you are willing to take risks, think differently, and imagine life possibilities. Therefore, we promote style, but not fashion.

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R-T-W Womenswear
Custom Made Womenswear

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REP. Designer


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2021(SS22), 2022(AW22)



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